County Being Sued in Sexual Assault Case

April 15, 2005--Posted 6:00 pm CST

Independence Co.--Independence County could find themselves on the other side of the courtroom.  A former inmate of the county jail has pressed charges against the county, the county sheriff, the jail administrator, and former employee David Russell.  The suit alleges Russell sexually assaulted an inmate around two years ago.  The inmate was in jail on forgery charges.

The plaintiff says Russell sexually assaulted her on a trip to the physician.  The suit says the alleged incident occurred on or around October 17th 2003.  ON the way back from the physician the suit alleges, “Deputy Russell transported the vehicle to a secluded location.”  It then alleges the defendant was sexually assaulted before heading back to the jail.

The suit seeks compensatory, consequential, and punitive damages from all parties listed as defendants.  County Sheriff Keith Bowers says Russell resigned shortly before the end of 2003.