Poplar Bluff standout picked in MLB Draft

Poplar Bluff standout picked in MLB Draft

Poplar Bluff, MO - Former Poplar Bluff High School Outfielder Kameron Misner was selected in the 2016 MLB Draft.

Kansas City used the 1003rd overall pick in the 33rd round to draft Misner.

He also currently holds a scholarship to the University of Missouri to play baseball.

His high school coach, Steve Edwards, raved about Kameron's skills at the plate.

"He's right up there with one of the guys with a natural swing," Edwards said. "He just finds a way to pop off the bat for him well and he can go opposite field, he can do anything he wants. That's one thing a lot of the pro scouts said when they came out and looked at him and evaluated. They saw him hit the ball one way and they said, hey, how about this? No problem, he would drive it the other way. It's been an honor and a privilege for myself to be blessed to be able to coach an athlete like him."