A Better Region 8: Profound scholars

A Better Region 8: Profound scholars

We saw our future last week at the 2016 KAIT Scholarship Salute. Four valedictorians from across Region 8 received scholarships.

To enter for the scholarship, each had to write an essay titled "A Better Region 8."

Some of the excerpts from their essays are profound.

Morgan Smith from Harrisburg High School wrote about cyber bullying. "Through many students' education, they are consistently fed campaigns against drugs, alcohol, smoking and on occasion bullying. Unfortunately as a side effect, these excellent programs have dulled to the younger generation's minds and lost their message." She went on to give a great solution involving a game kids can play to let each other know that they have been bullied.

Madison Goble from Rivercrest High School talked about how nobody is invincible when it comes to distracted driving and ways to raise awareness. "By advertising safe driving habits and the consequences of reckless driving, residents of NEA can make an impact on the world, as well as potentially saving lives."

Johanne Karizamimba from Portageville High School wrote about education from his father's perspective growing up in Zimbabwe. He talked about how listening to his father's stories made him determined to achieve greatness, not by society's standards, but his own personal standards and that through hard work and determination he can make a difference in people's lives.

And who doesn't experience some kind of stress in their lives? Haley Reed from Southside Charter High School wrote about an emerging technique to combat stress with therapy dogs. The solution? Connecting the Humane Society and people who need less stress.  Doing so makes the dogs easier to adopt and helps people too.

Maybe our youth is more in touch than we think.

Taking a moment to see what's on their mind and listening to their view of the world can make this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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