GRAPHIC: Police cite man who shot dog in the neck

Man upset after finding dog shot
(Source: Darryl Matson Facebook Page)
(Source: Darryl Matson Facebook Page)
(Source: Darryl Matson Facebook Page)
(Source: Darryl Matson Facebook Page)
(Source: Darryl Matson Facebook Page)
(Source: Darryl Matson Facebook Page)
(Source: Darryl Matson Facebook Page)
(Source: Darryl Matson Facebook Page)


Cherokee Village police cited a man for shooting a dog in the neck.

Police cited Jimmy L. Robbins with discharging a firearm in the city limits and animal cruelty.

According to the report, Robbins called police saying he shot a vicious dog on his property.

When the officer arrived, Robbins smelled of intoxicants and told police the dog was still alive but "was not going to make it."

Robbins told police the dog was a neighbor's that had been attacking his smaller dog and running loose in the neighborhood for a long time.

Officer Bryan Buchanan said he made contact with the neighbor who said the dog Robbins shot was not his and Buchanan observed the neighbor's husky tied up to a runner in the front yard.

Buchanan made contact with several other neighbors who said they saw Robbins grab his gun and shot the dog.

The neighbors also told police the dog was not aggressive.

Buchanan made contact with the injured dog's owner Darryl Matson.

Matson told police his dog got out of the house through the accordion side space in a window unit.

The dog was taken to the vet and is recovering from the injury.

Buchanan also stated in the report that Robbins has a history of shooting his shotgun in city limits.

A dog in Sharp County is recovering after being found with a gunshot wound Saturday.

The dog's owner, Darryl Matson, found his dog, Kenai, shot in the neck after searching for him for hours.

When Matson found Kenai he was laying on a lake dock, barely alive.

"Don't shoot people's dogs," Matson said. "I mean that is the thing, they are family members and I love him."

Matson left Kenai at home Saturday so he would be out of the heat while Matson was working, but Kenai, who loves to be around people, found a way out.

"I searched all the waterways because I knew that's where he would be if he was out," Matson said.

Matson said Kenai's outgoing personality and need to interact with people got him in trouble.

"He made his way along the lakeside just having a blast, and he got shot," Matson said.

Matson found his dog bleeding out from a gunshot wound.

"He worked his way about four houses after being shot and was laying at the dock on the lake by himself just bleeding," he said.

Matson's first reaction was not anger but instead, desperation to save his dog.

"I guess you'd think there would be anger and maybe at some point there will be, but my concern is for my dog," Matson said.

Dr. Bill Mills spent his Saturday helping save Kenai's life.

"He came out on a Saturday with his family, him and his kids, and they worked on Kenai for a couple of hours," Matson said.

Dr. Mills said Kenai was shot at close range with a shotgun. There was residue in his neck, near his spinal cord.

"The wound is looking very good which is amazing because it was like a point-blank shotgun blast to his neck," Matson said.

Dr. Mills said the shot barely missed Kenai's vital organs.

"Prayer works, and God answered our prayers," Matson said.

Matson stayed up all night making sure his dog survived.

"I made up a pallet and laid on the floor with him that night because he is just a people person," he said. "He loves to be touched and that was a comfort to him. We both cried all night, and he finally went to sleep and got some comfort."

Kenai made it through the first night.

"The dog just has so much heart," Matson said. "It was just amazing that he was up and around and wanted to eat something."

Matson said hopefully Kenai will make a full recovery.

"He is walking around, and he will go out and run a little bit," he said. "He can't move his head much, but I am hoping that will get better too."

Matson said he is happy to have his best friend feeling better after such an awful incident.

"He is up and around, and he's alive, and I am so thankful for that," Matson said.

The Cherokee Village Police told Region 8 News they are investigating the shooting.

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