Walnut Ridge condemns buildings but gives owners a second chance

Walnut Ridge City Council Meeting
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(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - The Walnut Ridge City Council voted to condemn two of the three buildings on the agenda Monday night and approved new ward lines before the next general election.

A building owned by family members of JR Rogers on Highway 67, the Krepps building at the intersection of Miller and Custom Roads, and the Jansen building on Southeast Front Street were all on the agenda to possibly be condemned.

The Highway 67 building has been brought up to the council before, and JR Rogers said Monday night he was ready to put it all behind him.

"I want to get a building permit to go out there and finish the building and show the city is willing to work with people that are trying to get something done," Rogers said. "Like I said, I spent over $10,000 with materials and employees out there working. I've done all I can do."

He said he has spent tens of thousands of dollars on different buildings in Walnut Ridge.

His sisters own the building in question, but he said he did not want to bother them with the issue.

The council voted to condemn the Krepps building and the Highway 67 building, but that doesn't mark the end for them.

The city approved an agreement to rehabilitate both buildings.

The agreement gives the owners a set of benchmarks they have to meet or else the building will be razed.

They have up to 180 days to bring the building back up to code.

The council tabled the possible condemnation of the Jansen building until July's meeting.

They also approved new ward lines for Walnut Ridge.

This comes after the consolidation of College City and Walnut Ridge was approved by voters.

Mayor Charles Snapp said they wanted to give the people a chance to look at the possibilities and get their feedback before the meeting.

Snapp said the people who showed up to look at the options trusted whatever the council decided.

"Once people see the ward options, and they're reassured about the fact that an independent company drew these up, that there's no behind the scenes anything, they seem fine and say it does not matter," Snapp said.

The council voted to approve the plans for the alternate one.

Snapp said they needed to pass the new plans before the general election so those who want to run for office know which ward they live in.

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