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Ash Flat, AR -- Lauren Payne Reports

Is Sharp County Any Closer To Getting A New Hospital?

April 18, 2005 -- Posted at 9:00 p.m. CDT

Ash Flat, AR -- For several months now, hospital closed signs have been hanging on the doors of Sharp County's only hospital.

Hopes were high those signs would quickly be torn down.

"I think some of the interested groups, that is medical groups, probably backed out or found out something that delayed it. I don't know how close we were talking about--I don't believe it was close, like imminent," said Sharp County Judge, Joe Stidman.

As of now, Judge Stidman says there are at least three groups interested in supplying emergency medical services in Sharp County.

"It may or may not involve opening the old hospital building," said Stidman.

Judge Stidman has appointed a five member public facilities board that he says acts as a liaison between the county and the community.

"They'll be dealing with these candidates, I guess you can call them, for putting in a medical facility," said Stidman. 

Stidman says the re-establishment of an emergency hospital probably comes down simply to funding, but he says the need for that type of facility is there.

"........And the reason I know that is because I have been on the scene of accidents, and that manner of things, where the closer the better," said Stidman.

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