Mom gives warning after finding son unresponsive in a pool

Mom gives warning after finding son unresponsive in a pool
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WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - A Region 8 mother is sending a message to all parents after her family went through an incident she said no parent should ever have to endure.

On Monday, Samantha Scott found her 20-month-old son face down in a pool not breathing.

Scott was at home watching TV with her children when her youngest went missing.

She no longer heard her son Max playing in his room, so Scott and her two older children started looking for him.

"My 11-year-old son said 'Oh my God mom the back door is open,'" Scott said.

At that point, Scott knew exactly where her son Max had wandered off to.

"Of course, I remembered that the kids had swam earlier, and the only thing on my mind was that the ladder was in the pool," Scott said.

Scott found her son unresponsive in the family pool.

"Max was on the other side of the pool face down," Scott said. "His mouth was blue, and his eyes were fixed and dilated."

Scott rushed to save her son and started giving him CPR right away.

"As soon as I saw him my stomach did not feel good for the rest of the day," Max's 11-year-old brother Kai Scott said.

Scott has been a nurse for the past four years, but giving CPR was a first for her.

"I have never done CPR on anyone before until him," Scott said.

Scott tried yelling for help, but no one in the neighborhood could hear her.

"There was a lawn mower going so no one could hear me over that," Scott said.

Scott's two older children were worried as well.

"They were having a meltdown and screaming 'Mom no, no, no, no this isn't happening,'" Scott said.

Scott continued to give her child CPR until she could get him to the hospital two blocks away.

"I won't tell you that I did it by the book, but I did it the best that I could in the situation that I was in because my mind was going crazy," Scott said.

Scott's older son Kai is happy his brother started breathing again right before they got to the hospital.

"A bunch of different emotions, I was scared," Kai said. "When we got there, I got to see him, so when I got to see him, I was really happy."

Scott said her son Max started coughing up water in the hospital, and they put an IV in him.

"I have never been so happy to hear my son cry," Scott said.

The hospital transported Max and his family to Arkansas's Children's Hospital in Little Rock to make sure there was no lasting damage from the incident.

While en route to the hospital, another traumatic incident struck the family.

"The scanner went off right when they were loading us in, and it said a 28-year-old male, moving vehicle accident, small SUV and I started screaming that is my husband, that is my husband," Scott said.

Scott knew it was her husband who was hurt.

"He never showed up, so I knew something happened," Scott said. "He stopped answering his phone and come to find out he had been in an accident."

Scott's husband, Trey, was taken to St. Bernards Medical Center while the rest of the family continued to Arkansas Children's Hospital.

Now everyone is back home and doing much better.

"Normal, perfect.," Scott said. "He is even eating great. He is being his normal self and has even been at that back door since we have been home a couple of time trying to get back out. We are very blessed that he is okay."

Max's siblings are also happy their brother is safe.

"I still think of it but it now doesn't make me as sad as the day that it happened," Kai said.

However, they still say the incident was scary.

"I still feel weird," Max's 8-year-old sister Ally said. "I feel like he will walk out there secretly and get in the pool again."

Scott said the scariest part is an incident like this can happen to anyone and happen within a second.

"And if you don't know what to do that can be the end," she said. "So don't get too overly confident in your parenting because you never know."

She now has a message for all parents after going through this.

"You can do everything you can to prevent your kids from getting outside and getting into an accident but if it does happen do you know what to do?" she said. "That is the most important thing, knowing how to react and pulling yourself together."

Scott said it is important to know how to perform CPR because it can save someone's life, even your own child.

"Your child can choke at any point, your child can drown at any point or be in a vehicle accident and CPR can and will save their life," Scott said.

Scott told Region 8 News they have only had the pool for about two weeks, and she will be getting rid of it now.

The family has several child locks all over the house including the backdoor, but Max finds a way to open things, so she wants to take every precaution so this doesn't happen again.

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