A Better Region 8: Watching out for people around you during summer heat

A Better Region 8: Watching out for people around you during summer heat

We've all heard the ways to stay cool in oppressive summer heat.  Stay hydrated, take frequent breaks and wear loose clothing.

These seem simple, even trivial, because we've all heard it so many times before, but reinforcement and reminders are still important.

As we go through the summer months, there is more we can do to help our friends and neighbors.

Make sure you are watching out for the people around you.  Know the symptoms of heat exhaustion. Flush skin, confusion, profuse sweating, fainting, and dizziness are some of the warning signs.

If someone is exhibiting these signs, you may notice it before they do, and taking action can save someone from heat exhaustion or worse.

In "The Region 8 way," some are going even further to take care of folks this summer.  The Sharp County Sheriff's Office learned that Above and Beyond Home Care needed 12 fans.

They worked alongside the Highland Police Department and collected *36* fans to for the home health company. Two dozen more than were requested. That's truly Region 8.

They'll be collecting fans all summer long to help people beat the heat.

Remember to take the precautions that you've heard for years because it works. Let's go the extra mile, like the Sharp County Sheriff's Office, and Highland Police to take care of the people around us.  It makes for a better, safer summer and makes this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP/General Manager

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