Local Man Witnessed Oklahoma City Devastation First Hand

April 19, 2005--Posted 5:00 pm CDT

Jonesboro, AR--He’s just a local boy fromKennett, MO, but ten years ago he was in Oklahoma City when all hell was breaking loose.  Today, Jason Wills drives a fire truck for the city of Jonesboro.  He says even hundreds of miles removed from the scene there isn’t a day he doesn’t think about what he went through ten years ago.


He says the day began normally enough.  He woke up and turned on the television.  He says he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  Fire trucks were battling a huge blaze in downtown Oklahoma City.  He says he then went to school and asked his professors to let him and some other guys who had gone through fire training off for the day.  They agreed and less than an hour later he was headed to help.


Once he got to the building he says it was complete chaos.  He says he doesn’t really remember much about the building at this time but just the entire downtown area.  Saying, “It just didn’t seem real.”  It was real enough and he began helping those in need.


Wills says the toughest thing for him to do has been to put a positive on the situation.  He’s a new father and says now he is just happy living each day for what it is.