Redbirds continue as pipeline for Cardinals

Redbirds continue as pipeline for Cardinals

Memphis, TN - For 18 years, the Memphis Redbirds have served as a pipeline for the St. Louis Cardinals, continually pumping out talent for the team. This season is no different.

According to the Redbirds, seven of the nine positions available on the Cardinals have been filled by a Redbird at one point this year, with the only exceptions being first base and right field.

"They kind of breed professionals," Redbirds outfielder Jeremy Hazelbaker said. "Everybody here goes about their business the right way, whether it's people in rookie ball or all the way up in the big leagues. We all go about our business the right way and prepare ourselves very well."

Memphis has also been a home for Cardinals who are having some struggles in the big leagues, but eventually make their way back to St. Louis.

"There's not pressure to have to do things all at once," Cardinals infielder Kolten Wong said. "You get a chance to kind of work your way back. Play every day and get your swing right. Eventually when you start to take off, that's when you go back up."

Even though many are playing to make their way to St. Louis, the Redbirds still enjoy their time with the team.

"It's a great clubhouse," Redbirds outfielder Randal Grichuk said. "It's fun. We try to keep things light. We try to just go out there and have fun. It's a long season."

With their success for the Cardinals this year, the Redbirds once again prove the road to St. Louis runs through Memphis.