Jonesboro police make arrest in stabbing case

Family says stabbing was self defense
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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Jonesboro man was arrested following a reported stabbing.

Tyler Anders, 19, was arrested following the incident, according to the Jonesboro Police Department incident report.

The incident happened in the 400-block of North Rogers St. Wednesday around 9 p.m.

When officers arrived at the scene they talked with 37-year-old Randall Bolin of Jonesboro who was "bleeding severely from the neck," according to one investigating officer.

Bolin was taken to a Jonesboro hospital for surgery.

Anders was found by officers sitting on a couch inside the residence on Rogers.

Officers ordered Anders off the couch with his hands visible.

Anders reportedly walked toward the officers, pointed at the coffee table in the living room and told police he put the knife on the table, according to the report.

According to the affidavit, officers detained Anders along with his father and brother for questioning.

The reports stated Anders told police his father and Bolin had an argument about Bolin almost hitting Anders' mother's car.

Anders said he felt Bolin had a gun on him and he feared for his father's life.

That is when Anders pulled out a lock knife and cut Bolin's neck, according to the affidavit.

Bolin then ran towards a neighbor's house for help and Anders called 911.

"He was holding his throat and had blood all over him and he said could you please just call 911 and I told him I already called them and I am here sitting what do I do, what do I do," neighbor Tammy Holder said.

Holder told Region 8 News seeing Bolin injured was frightening.

"I thought he was going to bleed to death because he bled all over my porch," Holder said. "I mean blood was just gushing and I was thinking what can I do? What can you do for someone who is bleeding? It was just scary."

Anders was arrested for first-degree battery and taken to the Craighead County Detention Center.

He had a probable cause hearing on Thursday and was given a $25,000 bond.

Anders family told Region 8 News they think the incident was simply self-defense.

"He said I did stab the guy, but it was self-defense. He said I tried to keep the guy off them because he said the guy was reaching for a weapon and if he was trying to hide something he wouldn't have called 911," Anders' father Dennis Anders said.

Dennis Anders said he will work hard to get his son out of jail.

"It is just all a big mess, that is all it is," Dennis Anders said."I am just going to hire a good lawyer and we will see from there."

Holder said she is just thankful the police got to the scene in time to help Bolin.

"They are doing a great job and I appreciate them coming out and doing what they did last night. They were here in a split second and I was proud that they were here," Holder said.

Anders next court date is set for August 26.

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