Tower Loss Not Effecting City Services

April 20, 2005--Posted 5:00 pm CDT

Jonesboro, AR--The towers still down but city services goes on.  Jonesboro city officials say they were never out of touch with the officers patrolling the streets even immediately after the city’s main communication tower imploded on itself.


“We still have all 911 services,” Bob Andrews says.  Andrews is the director of the cities E-911 communication center.  The center is probably the one city service most effected by the loss. 


The loss of the tower means the city is forced to operate on fewer emergency channels than what they are used to.  The tower was basically a big radio tower sending radio frequencies back and forth from all over town.  The system did have its problems, however, and some officials in the city say it was about time for a new system anyways.


Authorities still do not know what caused the tower to come down.  The tower was 540 feet high.  Now the site is littered with metal and wires from the old tower.  Part of the tower makes an “X” in the field due to the bending and turning while falling.  In all the remains of the tower could probably cover a full sized football field.


While they don’t know what exactly brought down the tower there is already speculation about the cause.  Most officials seem to believe a vehicle moving close to the tower nicked one of the towers guide lines helping bring it down.


Officials say the investigation into the towers failure is now in the hands of the cities insurance company.  Authorities with the company have already visited the site.  Even with the loss of the tower, city officials say all city services including 911 are up and running smoothly.