Humane department discourages giving dogs away online

Humane department discourages giving dogs away online
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) - The Kennett Humane Department said they are discouraging people from giving away animals on social media.

Kennett Animal Control Officer Tena Petix said many times people think they are doing a good deed by giving a dog away to what they think is a good home.

She said if 10 dogs are posted online as "free to a good home" the humane department would end up with at least 7 of them found dumped on the road.

Petix said many of those people receiving the dogs online are already under investigation for animal abuse and neglect.

They recently ran into this situation.

"We were investigating a man for animal neglect and actually had charges filed on him," Petix said. "I was made aware he was trying to get another dog on an online yard sale. As a result, we found the dog chunked into the street yesterday."

She believes dog owners need to be more aware of where they send their pets.

"There has been several that went to homes that I have charged with hoarding," Petix said. "So, they're just aiding and helping hoarders and they don't know these people. They're just letting them pick them up at their house. They're not seeing where they're sending them. Many of these people, they wouldn't stay where they are sending these dogs."

Petix encourages people that are getting rid of pets to call the humane department at (573) 888-4622.

She said they can help get the pets to a safe place.

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