Club manager commends police for crowd control

Club manager commends police for crowd control

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Diamond Grill manager commended the police for their efforts in crowd control.

Sunday night, a large crowd broke into fights as the Diamond Grill was closing.

Off-duty security officers with the help of back up officers were able to contain the crowd.

"We have the off duty officers here every weekend and I want to give a big thanks to them and a shout out to them, they do an awesome job," head of security and bar manager of Diamond Grill Weston Wagner said.

Wagner told Region 8 News somewhere between 600 to 700 people came out of the grill that night.

The Diamond Grill capacity is 963 according to Wagner.

"They all came outside and starting fighting outside and we called in for backup," Wagner said.

Around 10 officers showed up to control the fight according to the police report.

However, when the crowd would not disperse, one officer deployed a fogger.

Wagner said the officer did the right thing to help control the situation.

"They handled it the best as possible and got the situation handled as quickly as possible," Wagner said.

Wagner told Region 8 News something like this is not a normal occurrence for his business.

He said an out of town promotions group rented the Diamond Grill that night.

"It honestly never happens, it was just people that were out of town and they didn't know how to act," Wagner said.

Jonesboro police also told Region 8 News they expect out of town guests to obey by the laws.

"We want you to have a good time and enjoy yourself but we also want you to play by the rules. You won't have any problems from the police department and if you don't play by the rules then expect contact from law enforcement," Jonesboro Police Public Information Specialist Paul Holmes said.

Region 8 News asked Wagner about the Diamond Grill alcohol policy and if any underage people were drinking that night.

Wagner said since the Diamond Grill is a restaurant there are not age restrictions if food is being served.

"Under the Alcohol Beverage Control law as long as you have an open kitchen and you do serve food you can allow all ages," Wager said. "This night, in particular, we allowed anyone in so it is okay to allow 17-year-olds in."

However, Wagner said they are never allowed and do not serve alcohol to anyone under 21.

"Everyone gets a band when they come in the door, whether they can drink or not drink, you get one band if you can't drink and two if you can and we watch that," Wagner said.

Jonesboro Police and Alcohol Beverage Control are looking into the incident to make sure no laws were broken that night.

Wagner told Region 8 News they will cooperate with any and all investigations.

He also said the grill will look at adding more necessary security so situations like this do not happen again.

"We will step up our security. We learn more and more every weekend and there are always ways to improve," Wagner said.

He thanks the officers for their help that night and said he will continue to get advice from his security officers.

"They throw all kinds of ideas at me and help me out tremendously," Wagner said.

Region 8 News asked Wagner about the allegations that two women were drugged at the club which led to one woman being raped.

Wagner said he could not comment on the incident at the time.

"I am not allowed to speak about that, there is still information being gathered about that," Wagner said.

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