Young boy found alone on road with only a dirty diaper on

Young boy found alone on road with only a dirty diaper on

BLACK ROCK, AR (KAIT) - A Black Rock woman found a young child wandering alone in the street.

Betty Liscomb of Black Rock started her day by paying her water bill and going to the store, but something she saw on Main Street left her concerned.

She saw a 3-year-old child walking along the road alone with a heavily soiled diaper on.

Liscomb stopped to talk to the child and see where his parents lived.

"And the baby just came right to me, which surprised me because anybody could have picked that baby up and been gone," Liscomb said.

Liscomb said she waited a while in the area to see if anyone came looking for the child and even asked someone in the area if he knew the child.

No one came for the child so Liscomb decided she needed to find help.

"I threw it in drive and backed up the street and walked into city hall and Darlene was sitting there and I told her I got something here," Liscomb said.

Within minutes, Officer Mark Vanbrook was on the phone with the Department of Human Services and the city clerk Darlene Schmidt helped clean the boy.

Liscomb said she was so thankful to have city employees who jumped in to help.

"These people, especially the police department here, city water, you know Darlene, and the mayor, they are all good people and they are right there for anybody," Liscomb said.

She also said she is thankful she was the one who found the boy before he was injured or worse.

"God was directing all this, he really was," Liscomb said.

Liscomb said this is just one incident where the city has helped its community.

"I am so proud of Black Rock. To me, I have been here almost 10 years, and this is the best community I have ever lived in. You know for people to pull together and they are just great around here," Liscomb.

Vanbrook told Region 8 News DHS took the boy into their custody and they will head the investigation.

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