Man with AR ties heard Dallas shooting unfold

Man with AR ties heard Dallas shooting unfold

(KAIT) - A man with ties to Region 8 lives in Dallas and heard the deadly officer shooting unfold.

Rolando Diaz said on his way home Thursday night, he came across the protests.

Diaz said that's where he heard the gunshots and because he heard several shots fired he got concerned.

"I turned on the radio to see what was going on," he said. "That's when I realized there was a massive shooting going on in downtown Dallas."

He said when news broke across the city and country, he began to receive texts from friends and family asking if he was okay.

His niece lives in Jonesboro.

"[She] texted me immediately because they know this is where I'm at and I'm glad they know I am okay," he said.

He feels safe despite his initial concern and that's because he actually lives about 6 blocks away from the scene.

Diaz said if he could speak to the suspects, he would tell them they were wrong in their actions.

"Even though I can understand the frustration of what happened, this is the worst thing that could take place," he said. "For our country and for our city and for the whole nation. What this will do is just elevate everything to a different level."

Diaz is a painter and has also visited Region 8 to create artworks that are used to raise money for charities.

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