A Better Region 8: Doing rallies right

A Better Region 8: Doing rallies right

It's a time of strong and raw emotion in our country.

Over the past week, we've seen different communities come together in rallies of all sorts: pro-police, Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, some peaceful, some ending violently with hundreds arrested, and some ended up shutting down roads and interstates.

On Saturday, we saw a rally right here in Jonesboro. It happened on a road that serves as a main artery in Region 8.

Police and the people of this area came together, said their piece, held signs of what they wanted and prayed together.

No one was stranded in traffic for hours on end.  No one was arrested. Everyone's voice and concerns were heard.

The Rally in Memphis Sunday night wasn't violent, and ended with no arrests, but it did impact several people on their way to and from Memphis.

It seems to me, the rest of the country should look at how we handle problems right here in Region 8.

We listen. We're considerate of others' lives and time. We genuinely care what the other person is saying – not just trying to make a scene to get on TV.

Region 8 has its problems, but when it comes to very controversial topics, Region 8 sets the bar on how things should be handled.

Professionally. Compassionately. Fair. It's what makes us and this A Better Region 8

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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