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Batesville, AR--Ron Smiley Reports

New Theatre Already Booked

April 21, 2005--Posted 4:00 pm CDT


Batesville, AR--They city ofBatesville wants your act to take center stage.  According to city officials, the new two hundred thousand dollar facility alongside the banks of the White River is designed to make the city more fashionable to tourist.


The facility is more than sixty feet high and has a style all its own.  It is joined by several other smaller areas’ sharing its design that is located alongside the new riverwalk in the same area.


 Officials say the amphitheatre is more than ninety-nine percent complete.  The riverwalk is just as close to being finished also.  Both of the facilities are already open to the public.  The first official theatre use will be next week during the annual car and bike show.


One year ago the cities old theatre was washed down the river due to heavy rains.  Officials jumped at the chance to redesign the old theatre into something the community could be proud of.


The new theatre is booked for the next six months and officials over scheduling say it looks like there will not be a free week throughout the remainder of the year.


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