Encryption apps could help keep your information private

Keeping your data private and secure
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
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(Source: Raycom Media)

(KAIT) - Smartphone users are starting to download encryption apps to keep their information safe.

According to the Arkansas Attorney General, more than 60 percent of the American public has a Smartphone that stores personal information, business information and even financial information.

Some smartphone users are worried a third party could get a hold of that information if the phone is not secure.

The Arkansas Attorney General said hackers can send emails and text you never sent from your cellphone and even purchase items once they have access.

"I do worry about unauthorized people reading my chats or my messages," IPhone and tablet user Dave Crusoe said.

This concern has sparked a completely new industry of apps developed to keep all the information in a phone secure and private.

Crusoe installed a program to encrypt messages and emails.

"An encryption app is really a no brainer these days,' Crusoe said.

According to Matti Kon at InfoTech, encryption apps are becoming very popular, especially with millennials who use smartphones almost every day.

"There's no question this has become a hot market," Kon said.

These programs offer to keep what you want private, actually stay private.

Kon said the encryptions work like a message written in secret code.

Only the people who have access to the code can understand the message.

"Encryption today works on keys and keys that are random and are at the hands of the sender and the hands of the receiver and there is really no way to break encryption algorithms," Kon said.

He said the best part is the encryptions are practically impossible to crack.

"If you take any typical encryption algorithm you'll need over 100 years on a powerful computer to try to break the encryption," Kon said.

There are several apps available to secure your information.

"Wire" offers end to end encryption of voice and video messages meaning no third party can see the conversation.

"Wicker Me" essentially gives an expiration time so messages, images, and videos are deleted from your phone before anyone can get a hold of them.

Some apps simply require a code to secure messages and information.

"They give a feeling of confidence; they give a feeling that, you know, your data will not be violated," Kon said.

Kon says no matter what type of encryption you use, you have a better sense of security.

"You get a feeling that here we finally found the solution," Kon said.

This type of security is exactly what Crusoe said he wants.

"Privacy is a fundamental aspect of our life today as is security. We need to ensure that the content we have on our devices is only viewed by the intended recipient," Crusoe said.

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