The do's and don'ts of keeping mosquitoes away

The do's and don'ts of keeping mosquitoes away
Standing Water (Source: KAIT)
Standing Water (Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Mosquitoes are a pesky part of summertime in Arkansas.

Dr. Tanja McKay, a Professor of Etymology at Arkansas State University, noted that although we are seeing a ton of mosquitoes this summer, it is rather typical. The summer heat and storms we deal with almost daily, only help to fuel the different types of mosquitoes we have in our area.

There are ways to prevent these insects from breeding near and around your homes, especially the ones that may carry the Zika virus.

"The ones we're really concerned of for diseases, for example such as Zika, are those mosquitoes that are breeding in small amounts of water," said Dr. McKay. "That can be, perhaps, in flower pots, or in areas of drainage, for example your rain gutters. If you're not careful in removing debris and falling leaves, things that get stuck in those rain gutters can be an issue. It's the smallest amount of water where mosquitoes can be breeding. Especially those that are associated with Zika and other tropical diseases that might be heading our way."

In addition, places around your home that needs to be checked regularly include any dog water bowls that are outside, small pools, tree holes, or even small shovels used for gardening that can easily hold small amounts of rainfall.

Making sure that you wear mosquito repellant with at least 25% DEET and avoiding high activity parts of the day, like dusk and dawn, can also keep you protected.

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Summer in Arkansas means mosquitoes. Here is some tips to combat those pesky bugs.>>

Posted by Region 8 News on Thursday, July 14, 2016

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