Girl's lemonade stand raises money for K9 officer Kevlar vest

Lemonade Stand for Kevlar Vest
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BAY, AR (KAIT) - The garage sale that took place at 406 Rosemary Street in Bay Thursday did well for a hot July day, but it was hardly the main attraction.

Instead, Lynnli Jo's lemonade stand received most of the attention.

It was so popular, Lynnli Jo had made three batches by the afternoon.

"It was a cup, and I poured sugar in it, and then I poured it in this and it made lemonade," Lynnli Jo said. "I tried it and it was good."

Even a little bit of rain Thursday morning wasn't going to stop her.

"They set up a tent for me and they had to take it down because it started raining and then the put it back up out here," Lynnli Jo said.

She's wanted to have a lemonade stand for a while, but instead of selling the sweet drink on a hot day, she decided to give it away.

Lynnli Jo's mother Brooke Thomas said she still wanted to be able to raise money for someone though.

"We talked about different groups and causes and she decided she wanted to give money to Bay PD," Thomas said in a Facebook post. Specifically, she wanted to donate the money to help Bay K-9 Officer Fredo get a Kevlar vest.

"He's a pretty dog," Lynnli Jo said. A dog she doesn't want getting injured on the job.

Lynnli Jo met Fredo while she was at the Bay Fire Department with her grandpa.

He and his handler, Officer T. J. Burns, stopped by Lynnli Jo's lemonade stand.

Burns said Lynnli Jo's fundraiser was a complete surprise.

"I actually just woke up and saw I had about 30 notifications and realized that Lynnli Jo had started a fundraiser type deal," Burns said.

Burns wanted to get Fredo a Kevlar vest for awhile, but in a small department with a small budget, a nearly $1,000 vest wasn't going to be easy to get.

However, in just one day, Lynnli Jo was able to put at least a $250 dent in the price tag.

Burns, who's only been with the Bay Police Department since the start of 2016, said her idea and the community's generosity is incredible.

"You know, since the beginning of the year, in this short time, I've noticed how tight knit of a community it is and they love their police department here," Burns said.

Lynnli Jo plans to have the lemonade stand open for business Friday as well. If you can't make it by and still want to make a donation, you can mail it to Bay City Hall.

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