Gearhead launches Project 90 to prevent running injuries

Amanda Herget explains the Project 90 running program on Mid-Day. (Source: KAIT-TV)
Amanda Herget explains the Project 90 running program on Mid-Day. (Source: KAIT-TV)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Do you have proper running form? Have you ever developed a running injury? Injury prevention is the goal of Project 90, an online training program.

"It's 13 weeks," said Amanda Herget, co-owner and operator of Gearhead Outfitters. "It leads up to an event that we host that we host in October, the Gearhead Endurance Challenge."

Project 90 is designed to teach you proper running form to reduce or eliminate injuries as much as possible.

"One thing at Gearhead that Ted and I have seen over the years is running is at an all-time high," Herget said. "People are signing up for races and they're wanting to get involved. But, they'll end up injured. They'll have knee injuries or back issues. So we have tried to come up with a way to help people learn how to run. Work with on nutrition, breathing techniques, just injury prevention in general."

Sign-up for Project 90 is underway right now.

"Every Sunday, you receive your training plan for the week. And just different tips and videos to watch," Herget said.

Details are available at: Information about the Gearhead Endurance Challenge is available there, too.

"This is like our fourth year to do this event," Herget said. "There's nothing like it that we've seen in America. We have a loop for runners. Two-point-five miles. You can do it one time. You could do it as many times as you want for 12 hours. Some runners do that believe it or not. The ones who will run for 12 hours will just keep going. They'll have time to go to the restroom and get drinks."

Project 90 began July 10. For more information, call 870-910-5569.

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