Online grocery shopping available in Region 8

Online grocery shopping available in Region 8
(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - There never seems to be enough time to get everything done, so one store is working to help you save time by launching an online shopping program.

Kroger Grocery is now offering an option called Click List in select stores.

E-Commerce Manager for Kroger Jeff Evans said one of those locations is Jonesboro.

"We're very excited to bring to Jonesboro Kroger's online shopping platform," Evans said. "It's the next level in grocery shopping. As you think about the traditional shopper that likes to come into the brick and mortar stores, now we're offering another way and a convenient way for our customers to shop."

Evans said information about your favorite picks is pulled from your Kroger loyalty card.

"It's a very personalized experience," Evans said. "So, when you log in with your loyalty information on our website it brings up all of your favorites. It brings up what you buy and what you have bought in the past. At that point, you just start shopping. You pick a convenient one-hour time slot when you'd like to come pick up your groceries. We do the shopping for you, and then all you do is come during that designated hour and pick up your groceries. And within six minutes or less, you're on your way home."

Evans said they want customers to know that their items will also stay fresh until you pick them up.

"We want to make sure the items you buy that are refrigerated, we want to stay cold," Evans said. "And we want to make sure the items that are frozen stay frozen. So, in our Click List area, we have areas that are ambient that we store dry goods. We have a freezer that we keep frozen items in the freezer and a huge refrigerator that keeps items cold."

Jonesboro resident Catherine Ballard said she's looking forward to the new option.

"It's convenient," Ballard said. "Those who have little children don't have to get them out because they'll load them right into the car. I think that will be really nice."

"We have a very convenient pickup location at our stores," Evans said. "So, once you pull into that location there is a phone number. You dial that number, and it rings inside the Click List area. And that's when we start getting your groceries together to bring out to the car."

Customer Sheree Fahlberg said she thinks she's going to try it.

"Sounds like it's something easy," Fahlberg said. "I can order from my home at the convenience of whenever I choose to make out my list. I can click the order online and then I can pick up at a time that I arrange, and I can save a lot of time. Time is precious, and so it's a very nice convenience to have."

Evans said they first tried the program in Tennessee.

"We have done this in Memphis," Evans said. "We're bringing it to Jonesboro and then to Little Rock. But the response has been simply outstanding. Customers are using words like 'life-changing.' They love it."

Evans said they've made the process as easy as possible.

"It's a very simple process," Evans said. "You just go to, and that's where the adventure begins."

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