Man who found skeletal remains says he is shocked

Man living in home shocked by remains found
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Police arrested a Paragould woman after a man living with her found human remains in the home.

According to the affidavit, the man had been living in the home with Gloria Marie Tensley for about three months.

Tuesday, he opened the door to a back bedroom and found a decomposing body.

Region 8 News spoke with the witness, 36-year-old Allen Trobaugh, who said he was shocked by the incident.

"I tried to open it and finally opened it and it was like this wind blew out and cobwebs everywhere," Trobaugh said. "I just immediately looked down and said oh no that can't be real."

Trobaugh said he had been living with Tensley and helping around the house.

"I have been mowing the yard, working on the hot water heater, you name it I have done it," he said. "I also helped her with the bills."

According to Trobaugh, he was told never to go in the back bedroom.

"It like echoed in my head her telling me, 'no matter what you do, do not open that door,'" Trobaugh said.

However, Trobaugh said curiosity got the best of him, and when Tensley left the house Tuesday he decided to open the door.

"I went in through there and cleared everything out of the way and like what does she not want me to see," Trobaugh said.

Trobaugh was shocked and horrified when he looked down and saw the decomposing body of a man.

"I immediately was like 'oh my God Gloria what have you done,'" Trobaugh said. "Needless to say, he has been laying there for almost a year."

Trobaugh was even more terrified when he realized he had been sleeping not very far from a dead body.

"I was like sleeping three feet away from him," Trobaugh said. "He was sitting three feet away from me rotting."

When asked if Trobaugh smelled anything out of the ordinary since the body was decomposing, he said the house had an odor since he moved in.

"There are roaches, bed bugs, rotten food lying around everywhere, it is a stink haven," he explained. "There was also a bunch of lye poured on him."

He said the whole incident was shocking because he always looked at Tensley like a sweet elder lady.

"It blew my mind," Trobaugh said. "I almost had a nervous breakdown. She is the sweetest, nicest old lady you will ever know. You never would have suspected this and it just blew my mind. I cannot stay here."

Trobaugh went straight to the police department to report what he found.

"There was a room inside this residence he was not supposed to go into," Paragould Detective Jack Hailey said. "He went into that room yesterday and said he found the remains of a body in there."

Paragould police followed Trobaugh to the house where they saw the remains.

"We made entry to check and did discover the remains of a body," Hailey said. "It was in a state of decomposition but I don't want to mislead people to think it was just a skeleton laying there. We suspect it had been there a while."

Police took the body from the home and interviewed witnesses.

After interviews, police arrested 65-year-old Gloria Marie Tensely for abuse of a corpse and fraud.

According to the affidavit, Tensely was collecting social security benefits from the dead man on his debit card.

Police have not given a positive identification on the body yet or a cause of death.

"We do not have identification yet on the body, we have a theory as to who it may be but we will not be able to have a positive identification until we hear back from the medical examiner," Hailey said.

Hailey did say police do not believe Tensely and the deceased man were married.

"For now, pending official identification, we do not believe it was a husband," Hailey said. "We believe it was someone who had been with this lady for about 20 years."

Paragould police said there is no reason for neighbors to worry about their safety after the incident.

"We have no reason for anyone in the neighborhood to be in a panic," Hailey said.

Tensely was given a $75,000 bond.

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Posted by Region 8 News on Wednesday, July 20, 2016

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