A Recorded Phone Message Could Mean Trouble From Consumers

April 22, 2005 -- posted at 9:30 p.m. CDT

Little Rock, AR -- Police notification about sex offenders in neighborhoods is becoming a trend nationwide.

Fliers are distributed with the offender's information, and on that flier is the Arkansas Crime Information Center's website.

A consumer alert issued today is warning about a phone call offering similar information--but prepare to pay $10.00.

More than a dozen Arkansans have called the Attorney General's office saying they have received this call.

It says a sex offender has moved into your area, and for a ten dollar fee, you get specifics.

"These folks are calling and trying to utilize the fear about a sex offender living in their neighborhood to obtain money. This information is free, you don't have to pay ten dollars for it. You can get the information off the ACIC website," said Attorney General, Mike Beebe.

Not only can you get that information free of charge at ACIC's website--the 3 second beep to end the call is shorter than it claims.

"As of this moment we don't have enough evidence to suggest it is a scam because apparently, so far,  as we know,  they are supplying information that would otherwise be available free," said Beebe.