Craighead County Quorum Court discusses security measures, concealed carry

Craighead County Courthouse Security
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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Officials in Craighead County continue to make security improvements to the various courthouse facilities.

The county received multiple grants for security improvements over the past few years. With that money, they've been able to implement security cameras and secured doors throughout the buildings.

County Judge Ed Hill explained that only certain personnel can get through the secured doors. They're able to do so with coded identification.

"Nobody can get in the secure area or the secure elevators without one of these," Judge Hill said. "It keeps the prisoners and the judges and the other people separated."

Judge Hill said there's also been talk about allowing employees to carry concealed weapons in the facilities.

However, in a quorum court meeting Monday night, Sheriff Marty Boyd explained that there are pros and cons to that decision.

"There are several positives but you have to weigh that with the negatives," Sheriff Boyd said. "The biggest negative being an incident could actually happen, an employee could pull their weapon out to try and protect somebody. Law enforcement enters the building and they don't know the employee and that point if they're holding the weapon, they're a target for law enforcement at that point."

No decision was made Monday night regarding courthouse employees carrying a concealed weapon.

In the future, the courthouse security council may also look at restricting the number of entrances to the courthouse buildings as well as add more surveillance cameras to the exterior of the buildings.

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Posted by Region 8 News on Monday, July 25, 2016

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