Fishing for a cause

Fishing for a good cause

Jonesboro, AR - Some of the best fishermen in the world made their way to Jonesboro on Tuesday, but not just to fish.

Three professional anglers spent time with Purple Heart recipients on a private lake put on by the Wounded Warriors in Action .

The professional fishermen each were paired with a wounded veteran to teach them more about the sport.

"It was fun," Brookland native and veteran Joseph Secrease said. "It helped me because I'm not a big fisherman. I don't do a lot of fishing, so being able to be in a boat with a pro to ask questions, it helps me a lot. It's something I'll be able to pass on to my kid."

However, the veterans weren't the only ones getting something from the interaction.

"You know, my hats off to those guys," professional fisherman Edwin Evers said. "Those guys are completely amazing. Just what they've been through, what they go through and they just don't think anything of it. They kind of almost get embarrassed when you start talking about it. That's what it's all about for me, just to give a little bit back to those guys who have paid so much for our freedom."

Evers hopes this event can spark others to do the same in the future.

"I just hope to challenge other people to take somebody fishing," Evers said. "That's what it's all about. Take one of these guys and introduce them to the sport we all love so much. You know, you don't need a pro or a fancy place to fish, you just need a place with some water and some fish."