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Tuckerman, AR--Bob Snell Reports

Offbeat: Happy Quilters

April 25, 2005--Posted at 7:55 a.m. CDT

TUCKERMAN, AR-- Tuckerman, Arkansas has a population of 1,757 and it's the 2004 Arkansas Volunteer Community of the Year.  It's an accomplishment that has the town beaming, with patchwork pride.

They call themselves the Happy Quilters, a group of gals that spends it's mornings quilting for a cause. "Actually I think when we started it was pleasure, and working together, then we saw the need," said Marie Dunavion.  Meeting that need is the reason Tuckerman was named Arkansas' 2004 Volunteer Community of the Year. 

They started three years ago just getting together for something to do, but decided they might as well put their work to good use.  The Happy Quilters donate nearly 100 quilts a year to nursing homes, day cares, or to family's displaced when their home burns. You'll find these ladies at the Tuckerman Senior Center just about every morning, burning through the thread and conversation.

The Happy Quilters don't give away all their quilts, they do sell some of them in order to get enough money to pay for their supplies.


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