Mentally incompetent man claims he's forced to live in shed

Mentally handicapped man forced to live in shed
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro police are investigating, and a report has been filed with Arkansas Adult Protective Services against a foster mother in Region 8.

The report centers around a 19-year-old mentally incompetent man who lives in the 1600-block of Dupwe Drive in Jonesboro.

The man called JPD Thursday because he said his grandmother wouldn't let him inside the house to use the bathroom or get his medication.

He told Officer Michael Talley that he's not allowed inside the house unless his foster mom, who has guardianship of him, is home.

Instead, the man told Officer Talley that he lives in a shed in the backyard.

In his report, Officer Talley said the shed, that's visible from the road, does have a small air conditioning unit in it. However, he noted it doesn't have running water, a toilet, or a bed.

"He stated that a lady bought him a cot to sleep on but his mom got mad at him and took it away a long time ago," the officer noted.

Officer Talley noted the man was sleeping on a pile of trash and dirty clothing.

A neighbor who lives nearby told Officer Talley that she took care of the man on a regular basis

"She stated that she feeds (him) at least twice daily, does his laundry consistently, and lets him sleep at her house occasionally," Officer Talley noted.

The neighbor also stated that she finds the man walking around late at night not knowing where he's going.

While on the scene, Officer Talley made contact with the foster mother.

She admitted that the man lives in the shed and is not allowed inside unless she's home.

"She stated that DHS has already investigated this and found no wrongdoing," Officer Talley noted.

No arrests have been made in the case but police are investigating.

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