Non-profit organizations come together for one cause

Agape house getting some much needed help
[Source: KAIT-TV]
[Source: KAIT-TV]

CORNING, AR (KAIT) - The Agape House is one step closer to helping more women.

The faith-based organization works to restore the lives of women with an addiction problem.

Executive Director of the Agape House Sunny Curtis said they are more than a drug rehabilitation facility.

"We are a total life recovery program," Curtis said. "We start with the spiritual to help them reclaim their lives. Then we work with employability, budgeting and of course many Bible classes. It's four months in the house and then four months of aftercare."

The Agape House currently has two houses in Oak Grove, a house in Corning and a step-down house in Paragould.

They've outgrown all of their current houses and have been forced to turn many women away.

"We do turn people away every day," Curtis said. "We stay full to capacity and just don't have the room to bring them in."

They recently purchased the former First Assembly of God building in Corning.

With the help of volunteers from other faith-based organizations, the necessary renovations started getting done on Monday.

"There's a lot of work to be done," Curtis said. "Men from John 3:16 Ministries, folks for Shepherd's Fold, folks from the Living Word Church here in Corning and even some of the Agape girls, we're all here together working and getting a lot of work done."

Both John 3:16 Ministries and Shepherd's Fold are faith-based, non-profit organizations helping men rid themselves of their addictions.

"We've been ripping up some of the old floors," Curtis said. "Cleaning things up, carrying out some trash and pretty soon we're going to be knocking down some walls, make room for some bathrooms and showers and things we need."

John 3:16 Graduate Chad Mann said it's all about helping others.

"We're joining forces here," Mann said. "We're working with Shepherd's Fold to help the girls here at the Agape House. One thing I learned at John 3:16 was to serve the Lord and serve the community, and I'm just wanting to give back."

TJ Cousins of Shepherd's Fold said they were working to get as much done as they could Monday.

"We're remodeling this and making it into showers," Cousins said. "We've been tearing up the old floor, getting ready to put the new floor in here. We're just doing whatever needs done."

Curtis said she hopes this new facility will help them meet the need in Region 8.

"Every time we move into a new building I think this is going to be all the space we're going to need," Curtis said. "Then we always outgrow it. But this is going to double our capacity, so I hope this is all the space we're ever going to need."

Curtis said they have big plans for the house in Corning once their new building is up and running.

"Our small house in Corning only houses six at a time," Curtis said. "Our plan is to turn that into a men's home for the husbands of our women coming through our program. So, they can get help at the same time their wife is getting help. We want the whole family united, clean, and living for the Lord."

Curtis said their goal is total family restoration.

"Everybody's out here struggling," Cousins said. "If we can all come together we can make a better place for where we're trying to live and what we're trying to get towards."

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