Region 8 Father, Daughter Create New Bracelet

April 26, 2005 – Posted at 3:30 p.m. CDT
KENNETT, MO -- One of the biggest trends in Region 8 are the plastic bracelets people are sporting. They come in a variety of colors and support a number of causes, but one Southeast Missouri man and his daughter are spearheading a movement right here in Region 8 with their own bracelets.
They say ‘Get Right, Stay Right’ and it's a message that is spreading throughout Region 8.
“I thought that it would make a good slogan for someone who is a Christian. Stay right for someone who is not, it calls upon them to get right,” said David Diffine of Get Right Ministry.
“Christians really do have a desire to share their faith but sometimes they don't know how to do it very well, and these armbands are just great opportunities,” said Pastor Ed Jansson of the First Baptist Church in Kennett.
The bracelets were the idea of the father, daughter pair. 11-year-old Katie Diffine helped her dad start the Get Right bands.
“It helps people want to become a Christian and I helped him pick out the colors,” said Katie Diffine.
The bands have been out for about 10 days, and already the group has sold a couple of hundred.
The Get Right ministries is a non profit organization and creators say the proceeds from products like the white bracelets will be reinvested in the future for more products. But what makes them so different from their colored counterparts... you're encouraged to give them away.
“You purchase one and after that if you give one away to someone, and e-mail us and tell us about it, we'll replace it for free,” said Diffine.
“It gives people some incentive to take these arm bands and just share them, use them to share their faith, and that's what this is designed for,” said Jansson.
“They're kind of popular and everybody wants to wear one. People will stand up for cancer, some of which haven't even been touched by cancer, you know why not represent their Christian beliefs,” said Diffine.
The bracelets are available on the Get Right Ministries website at They sell for $3 each.