Jail Costing County More than Expected

April 26, 2005--Posted 6:00 pm CDT

Independence CO.  County officials inIndependence County are focusing their attention on solving the county jails budget woes.  It cost nearly nine hundred thousand dollars a year to run the jail and jail administrators say that should be enough.  The problem, according to officials, is that the jails inmates are costing the county too much in regards to medical and dental expenses.


State law requires the county to pay for inmate medical expenses while in their custody.  The facility does not have a registered nurse working, so officials have to take inmates complaints to heart.


In order to turn things around the county has hired a new jail administrator.  The county is also actively searching for a nurse to be on contract to the jail.  Officials hoping they can hire someone to come in three to four times a week and check out inmates concerns.