Paragould Company Holds Concrete College

April 26, 2005 -- Posted at 6:25 p.m.

Paragould, AR - Allen engineering in Paragould designs and builds equipment to work with concrete. They also offer a unique class on how to work with the quick-drying substance. People have come from all over the country this week to attend the company's "Concrete College."

If you've ever worked with concrete you know that it's hard work. The more you know about the substance the better off you are. Eighty People have traveled from near and far this week to learn all they can at Concrete College.

" The people that have come here to the concrete college are getting a little bit more practice on the machines that they're going to be using on wet concrete," said Tom Leyes, an instructor.

As Leyes is almost taken out by a guy on a machines during our interview,  it's easy to see why practice is neccessary. There's nothing easy about working with concrete. However; not everyone in attendence gets their feet dirty on a daily basis. Some work in sales, in which case you'd still need to know the other side of the business.

Grace Woods, who sales concrete,  traveled from North Carolina to learn more.

" I came to learn what my clients do. I need to know what they need when they need it and what the process is." said Woods.

A new comer to the business, she has a lot to learn.

"It's very mathematical I just kinda assumed they just tossed it out there smoothed it and went on."

"The concrete industry is a one that is doing well. As long as people are building factories, warehouses, Wal-mart's, K-Marts, there will be something for us to do." said Leyes.

Allen engineering holds concrete college classes two times per year in Paragould.