Temporary Tower Providing Full Service For 911

April 26, 2005 -- Posted at 8:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO -- A temporary replacement stands close to what used to be the city's main 911 tower which tumbled to the ground a week ago.

"Using the interior guide wires, everything secure with that, and everything is working out well for the city," said Bob Andrews.

Bob Andrews is the 911 communications director.

He says officials are still  trying to figure out more permanent plans for the future......and making sure to explore options.

"Multiple sites would have a lot of redundancy to them. Practicality is another option you have got to look at. There are just a lot of things you have to look at before you make any decisions," said Andrews.

Andrews say the insurance company has done an preliminary investigation.

"We did have the tower insured, but as far as knowing how much we're going to be receiving-- don't know that yet. We're still trying to figure out how much we had on that tower, and how much everything was covered for," said Andrews.

In a preliminary investigation, Andrews says, it appears a piece of equipment hit one of the guide wires and clipped it, causing the tower to fall.

"No criminal act...just someone out there working......just an accident," said Andrews.

Andrews says it was a team effort-- departments around the county working together, and never losing sight of what really mattered.

"Everyone was just jumping in trying to assist us, and trying to make sure things kept running as smoothly as possible, and that the citizens were taken care of," said Andrews.