Mission group works to extend mission projects

Mission group works to extend mission projects
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BLACK OAK, AR (KAIT) - A local mission group is working to serve even more people with a new trailer.

The God at Work mission group is a local group based out of the New Hope Baptist Church in Black Oak, but they serve people all over surrounding areas.

The group has completed 15 projects since their start in November, and they hope to complete more.

The projects include roof repairs, floor repairs, painting, yard work and one couple even got a trailer from the group.

Kenneth Winford started God at Work with the help of Robert Chambers in Monette.

The two men were called to help in Joplin, MO for tornado disaster relief.

"He had a drop with a truck and we opened one in Monette, so we took off for Joplin and made several trips up there because they were in need," Chambers said.

After helping in Joplin, the two men realized there was a need for local missions as well.

"After that movement we got together and said we need something local," Chambers said.

Winford has served with mission groups all over the world.

"It has always been my heart, I love local missions, I love state missions, and I love world missions," Winford said. "When I came back home from overseas God told me to me to do more local missions because our responsibility is to help others."

However, the two men realized starting a local mission group would give opportunities for more people to help.

"A lot of people cannot go overseas, or they don't have the opportunity to do state missions even in the United States, but they can locally and this gives them that opportunity," Chambers said.

Winford said the group has never had less than 30 people helping on each project.

Since the group has been successful in the projects they take on, Winford said he is working to take the mission a step further.

Someone recently donated a trailer to God at Work and Winford said they are working to fill it with tools.

"We have been using our own tools because we don't have tools, so our hope is to get a trailer stocked with tools and if any churches can use it and borrow it," Winford said.

He said if other churches need it for a project they can borrow the trailer and tools.

"We need a base camp, and New Hope Black Oak will be that base camp, and if anyone who believes in Jesus Christ our Lord Savior contacts us they can use the trailer and do local missions, state missions, I mean whatever they want to do," Winford said.

The trailer only has a few tools in it right now, but Winford said he is excited to see where the projects will go when the trailer is full.

Winford and Chambers said God at Work has not only helped the people they serve, but also those who volunteer.

"The volunteers that come and do the work we minister to them also and they receive the blessing," Chambers said. "It gives them a vision to want to do more, and it has worked out that way every mission we have done."

Chambers said the mission has brought a lot of unity to the area.

"Doing the repairs is a ministry in itself but he takes it us a step further, like the last mission we were on the gentleman said 'I have been in good company today,'" Chambers said.

Winford said the mission is not only about helping people in need, but also about spreading love and the gospel.

"Some of the people we help live alone and they need encouragement, they need a good boost in their life," Chambers said. "They realize people love them, and people care. That is basically what we do, we give them a hope and take care of their need as well."

If anyone would like to donate to God at Work or help in the next mission project they can contact Kenneth Winford with New Hope Baptist Church.

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