Suspect accused of drinking beer en route to jail, threatened officers

Suspect accused of drinking beer en route to jail, threatened officers
Cassey Bassett (Source: Greene County Sheriff's Department)
Cassey Bassett (Source: Greene County Sheriff's Department)

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Officers say a Paragould man faces charges after drinking evidence while on his way to jail. He is also accused of threatening officers.

On Wednesday, a sergeant with the GCSO met with Paragould police officers at Sunset Motel in Paragould to pick up 32-year-old Travis Bryant, who had a cash-only warrant with the GCSO.

Paragould police were already on the scene after receiving a call about an altercation.

According to an incident report, Bryant and two other people were inside the hotel room.

A Paragould police officer was standing near a restroom door where Bryant was inside the hotel room, waiting to tell him he had a warrant.

While waiting for Bryant, a Paragould police officer spotted a hypodermic needle containing a clear liquid substance on a table, according to the incident report.

A GCSO deputy tested the liquid inside the needle, which came back positive as meth, the report states.

After the test was conducted, all occupants were removed from the room.

A sheriff's deputy reported seeing a bite mark and scratches on Bryant, appearing to be the result of a fight earlier that night.

After being advised by the Criminal Investigation Division of the Paragould Police Department, officers arrested 24-year-old Cassey Bassett for possession of meth and gave the same charge to Bryant, according to the report.

The report states Bryant continued to ignore a deputy's demands to comply with the arrest and instead began picking up his personal items.

A deputy reportedly grabbed Bryant by the arm and Bryant tensed his arm and replied "don't (expletive) touch me bro."

The sheriff's deputy then stated he took Bryant to the ground and arrested him with help after Bryant continued to resist arrest.

The report states Bryant threatened a Paragould police officer after his arrest.

While officers with the Paragould police department continued the investigation at the hotel, a sheriff's deputy took Bryant to the Greene County Detention Center.

During the ride, the deputy said Bryant found a beer can in the vehicle that was previously taken as evidence and cracked it open.

The deputy stated he pulled over into a convenience store and another deputy, who was following him, removed the can from Bryant's hand.

According to the incident report, Bryant began to act aggressively toward officers and was able to unbuckle his seat belt and after continuing to display aggressive behavior, a deputy sprayed pepper spray in Bryant's face.

The deputy then called dispatch to have a transport vehicle sent to his location to pick up Bryant and take him to the jail.

When the jail staff arrived, the deputy said Bryant tried to kick the staff and continued to show aggressive behavior towards them until his arrival at the jail where he had to be placed into a restraint chair.

According to the incident report, a deputy stunned Bryant for five seconds after he continued to spit on officers and act aggressively.

Bryant faces charges of aggravated assault on a correctional facility employee, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct and faces an additional charge of possession of methamphetamine from the Paragould Police Department.

During a strip search of Bassett, an officer reported finding a hole cut inside her bra containing money, a plastic bag with white powdery residue, and a razor blade.

Bassett faces a charge of possession of methamphetamine from both the Greene County Sheriff's Office and Paragould Police Department.

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