A Better Region 8: A-State's audits and responsible media

A Better Region 8: A-State's audits and responsible media

Famed Journalist and longtime hero of newsrooms across the country Edward R. Murrow once said: "The obscure we see eventually. The completely obvious, it seems, takes longer."

There's been a lot of controversy in recent days surrounding former ASU Chancellor Dr. Tim Hudson.

Arkansas State University initiated an internal audit of the school's International Studies program. The results of that audit showed some very questionable things when it comes to the former Chancellor and his wife Dee Dee.

But as the last part of the quote from Edward R. Murrow states: "The completely obvious, it seems, takes longer."

I commend the journalists at Region 8 News for being disciplined, and fair, and for knowing the school initiated a second audit focusing on the former Chancellor.

Arkansas State confirmed to us that Hudson was the focus of the second audit when he resigned.

Sometimes in our culture of immediate returns, news travels fast.

It's important for today's journalists to breathe every once in a while, and make sure they get all the facts before they yell it from the mountain tops.

That's a big responsibility and media as a whole sometimes has a hard time with that.

It's important that you know, you mean enough to us that we will always work to get it "right instead of right now."

What's next for the former Chancellor and his wife is yet to be determined.

Arkansas State University is still a great university with many great instructors, many dedicated administrators and most importantly, great students.

As President Dr. Chuck Welch told the Region 8 News team – the Internal Audit worked perfectly. When a complaint was brought up, they initiated the audit, and they worked independently from the University to make sure the investigation was done so without any inside interference.

It's time for us as a community to stay focused on the positive things happening at A-State. Supporting the university as they move forward makes this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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