Sanitation worker gives Region 8 boy a gift

Garbage Truck driver surprises 3-year-old
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Letter from Ruth to Dayton (Source: Adriane Duke Facebook)
Letter from Ruth to Dayton (Source: Adriane Duke Facebook)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Region 8 boy got a special gift from a Jonesboro city worker.

Dayton Duke is three-years-old and loves trucks, especially garbage trucks.

That is why he got the surprise of a lifetime when the neighborhood garbage truck driver gave Dayton his own garbage can.

Dayton greets sanitation worker Jason Ruth every Thursday when he makes his trash rounds.

"He is out there every Thursday with his little trash truck and he is always waving. It really is the best part of my Thursdays coming through here and picking up his trash and honking the horn and seeing him wave and get so excited," Ruth said.

However, last Thursday Dayton was not home, so when Ruth had a break, he decided to leave Dayton a note.

Ruth also left Dayton his very own trash can.

"I was thinking about my week and what I have to do the rest of my week, and I thought about Thursday, and it reminded me of him," Ruth said.  "He just needed a little can for his trash truck."

Dayton and his family were touched by the gesture.

Ruth said it was just his way of thanking Dayton.

"I get tired; I get hot. You know everybody gets upset at times, but it is the little things like that that reminds you what you're doing and that you're doing it for good people," Ruth said.

He said Dayton helps remind him to love the small moments in life.

"Because of uncertainty like we are going through right now it is children and the enthusiasm they have and the love that they have for life that reminds you of certain things and moments to hold on to," Ruth said.

This Thursday Dayton got another surprise from Ruth,

He got to help Ruth with his job by riding in the truck and picking up the trash in the neighborhood.

"It was fun to have a little passenger that wants to be a big truck driver when he gets older," Ruth said.

Jason said he always looks forward to his Thursday routes in Dayton's neighborhood.

"It brings excitement back to me to see such happiness out of something that most people don't think about it. You see it; you put it out in the morning and it's gone in the evening and to see his excitement and want to do it," Ruth said.

Ruth told Region 8 News he is so thankful to work with the Jonesboro sanitation department and to work for the wonderful people in Jonesboro.

"I just want to say thank you for appreciating and loving what we do," Ruth said.

Dayton said he cannot wait until the next week to see Ruth again.

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