New water system for Brookland

New water system for Brookland
(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)

BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT) - A Region 8 city is one step closer to having a new water system.

Mayor Kenneth Jones of Brookland said they've put in a new Sensus electronic read water meter system.

"What this will allow us to do," Jones said. "Where it takes us four or five days with our man power to read our meters. We can now read the meters in fifteen minutes. We go into the computer in the water clerk's office, hit a button and it'll read the entire system in fifteen minutes. In thirty minutes we'll have the bills printed. And that has normally taken us a week to ten days."

This new system has been installed in the entire city, even out in the rural county area.

"Another thing that will help us is it will have a warning system on it," Jones said. "When we come in, the water clerk will pull this up, and it will have alarms. You click the alarm button, and if we have a residence that has had a high water usage that night, we will be able to contact them the next day. Instead of right now, we go thirty days between water reading times. So, a person could have a leak for thirty days which runs their water bill astronomically high. Now, we'll be able to communicate with that citizen the next day."

Service Tech for Sensus Meters Robbie Temple said it's more efficient than what Brookland residents have been using.

"It's constantly sending data," Temple said. "It sends hourly data over the system. By doing that, you get the alarms that come with this. Leak detection, theft, empty pipe alarms, freeze alarms in case the pipes about to freeze during the winter time. You get all this data that's coming over. It's processed in the cloud and is a web based program."

The current water system was installed in 1968.

Mayor Jones said they have meters they are replacing that are thirty years old.

"It's going to make us more efficient," Jones said. "Water bills will be more accurate because we will read the first of each month the water meters and the wells all at the same time. This will make our reporting to the state more even."

Jones said there was no increase in water rates to get this project off the ground.

It is being funded through sales tax passed by Brookland citizens for the water improvement project.

"It's the future," Temple said. "And it can save a lot of money for everybody by being more proactive on any kind of leaks in the system in the utility lines or at the customer's house. They can identify this quicker and sooner."

Jones said people should see work beginning to happen.

"The well system is moving forward," Jones said. "We are in the process of purchasing the land for the well. The seismic people will be here this week or the first part of next week to do the seismic tests for the elevated storage tank and by the end of the month we should see some work being done there."

Jones said this new water system might also help boost their economy.

"We are also seeing inquiries," Jones said. "New businesses are talking about coming to town with the new water system going online. So we're real excited about that and what it means for the future of Brookland."

Jones said the well has been approved.

Once work begins, everything will happen at once.

"Our plans will be finalized and submitted," Jones said. "In two weeks we will start taking bids to build the system. We're going to have three things going on at once. We'll have a team in here that's building the tank. They'll be a team building the well house, and you're going to have a team in here replacing the lines throughout the city."

There is also a twenty-year warranty on the radio and water meter itself.

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