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Cash, AR--Ron Smiley Reports

Local Pilot Invites K8 Along For Ride Through Season

April 27, 2005--Posted 4:00 pm CDT


Cash, AR--His head is in the clouds while working but local crop duster Marshall Morrison says he has stayed ahead in the crop dusting business by staying grounded for thirty years.


Thirty years ago Morrison made his way to the army where he flew and fixed airplanes.  It’s a career he is still following as he owns two planes and employs several people at his local aviation business.  Morrison Aviation specializes in rice dusting.


Right now is the beginning of the season according to Morrison.  Today found Morrison’s plane grounded due to high winds.  “Weather is probably the single most important factor to what we do here.” Morrison said.  Soon he said both of his planes will be flying non-stop throughout the day.


Morrison says he is looking forward to this season and says so many things have changed.  One of the big things which have changed is GPS.  A device which helps farmers stay out of the fields a little longer while crop dusters precisely deliver fertilizer, weed killer, and seeds to the intended area.


Morrison has invited K8 news along for the ride throughout the season this year and we will soon have more on Morrison and his flying service.


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