Football Fun with A-State's Quarterbacks

Football Fun with A-State's Quarterbacks

Day two of A-State fall camp is in the books. When it was over, I requested to speak with quarterbacks Chad Voytik and Justice Hansen.

When they walked over, they arrived together and threw me a curveball. They requested to do the interview together, I agreed but under one condition, they ask the questions, and I just man the camera.

It turned out to be a lot of improv, a lot fun, both players displaying great personality.

Justice grabbed my mike and the interview took on a life of its own.

"Here with Chad Voytik, fifth year senior, here at quarterback at Arkansas State University."

"Chad, you haven't been here long, think you got here in June, how's it feel so far being in camp?"

"You know, it's been great, the guys are awesome, really good to get on the field here be with everyone and play ball again," Chad responded.

"That's good, that's good. How do you like the offense so far? It's a little bit different than you have been running at Pitt, but how do you feel about it?" asked Hansen.

This is when Voytik went into character, and I struggled to hold back laughter from behind the camera.

"You know, it is different, but it's fun. I like the up-tempo, working with my teammates on, getting the timing down and the other quarterback Justice, sometimes he gets on my nerves, gets in front of me and acts like he's you know, whatever, so it's annoying sometimes but other than that it's been good."

Hansen fed off his teammate, it was a handoff that made Abbot and Costello famous.

"It's understandable, we've heard that a lot from a lot of players so umm we've got a lot of playmakers on the offensive side so in particular has really surprised you?"

"You know, today, Kendall Sanders, transfer from Texas, he really caught a lot of deep balls today, a lot of touchdowns, just got open for me and really stole the show today."

Let me steal the mike. (It's Voytik's turn to ask the questions)

"Okay, switching over now, uh so Justice, (absolutely) day two, what's your impression so far of the team?"

"Can I have the mike? Thank you."

Voytik did a good job not breaking character, it was hard for Hansen to answer without breaking into a smile or laughter.

"Uh I think its (laughter) I think it's been good, um I think in the spring everybody was hesitant with Coach Faulkner at first getting here but after going through the summer running PRP's and this being the second day I think this being the second day, I think we are playing pretty fast."

It wasn't long before Voytik turned this interview into a Ron Burgundy moment. I'm still manning the camera, fighting back laughter.

"So the kid behind you right now, the little six-foot guy is he like a knat? Is he annoying? What's your impression of him so far? I would say a knat is a good way to put it, umm speaking on Chad Voytik, umm, how do you spell knat?"

Hanson doing a great job playing Abbott to Votik's Costello. Maybe the roles are reserved, either way they had the attention of everyone around.

"We're not going to worry..., V-O-Y-T-I-K or something like that but umm, I just hope he sleeps with one eye open. Okay, wow, so he should fear for his life right now?"

"You said that, I didn't," a straight-faced Hansen replied.

And Voytik takes us  home, signing off in a way not even Ron Burgundy could do better.

Okay, alright well, checking in for KI, KAIT 8 ABC dot com I'm Chad Voytik with Justice Hansen. Stay Classy!!!