Coach Anderson addresses media following A-State fall camp practice number two

Blake Anderson sound following A-State practice number two

"It looked like it's supposed to look. We communicated well, we bounced from one drill to the next, it was competitive, we stayed off the ground, a lot of energy on both sides, it was hot and as tough as it is to go at the tempo we are asking, we're sprinting off the field, sprinting onto the field. We want it to be grueling. They handled it well so, not mistake free but in terms of a fast start that's what it needs to feel like, that's what it needs to look like."

The guys that stood out the last couple of days was Bo Sentimore, Cody Brown, and Money Hunter, Blaise Taylor today. Their conditioning is at a level from beginning to end. Chris Humes, Woodson (Xavier Woodson-Luster), those guys still look fast in the last half of practice, done a lot of running. Same thing on offense. Dijon (Paschal) all the running backs same thing and like I said Kendall Sanders, for a guy we didn't see play all spring, and we obviously knew he was talented, man he made play after play. He was gased, he was dying we had to drag him off the field, but he had a great day of work, he got better today."