Woman's Discovery Center closes the doors

Local women's support center closing
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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Woman's Discovery Center is closing the doors after serving Northeast Arkansas women for 10 years.

Over the past years, the center has helped support and serve women in Jonesboro and surrounding areas.

"Our mission is to connect women in various ways through education, by that I mean we have encouraged women to bring their gifts to the center and share them with other women, whatever that gift may be," said Faye Cox, the center's founder.

Cox said the center has helped women from all different cultures and ages.

"We have assisted and helped and been a friend to many women in our community," Cox said. "We have reached across the table to women of all cultures, all walks of life, all ages from young girls to the oldest of women."

One of the biggest accomplishments for the Woman's Discovery Center was The Closet, which helped provide professional clothing to women in need.

"My heart just swells knowing that the women in our community and beyond the perimeter of the Jonesboro city limits but in Northeast Arkansas have been so incredibly generous to donate sometimes new and sometimes gently worn professional clothing," Cox said.

Although the center is closing, Cox has found someone to take over The Closet so women needing professional clothing and those looking to donate clothes still have a place to go.

"We are delighted to say although we will cease operations at the end of August we have made arrangements to transfer the closet to another organization here in town so for those of you who may be interested in shopping or for those of you who have been our diligent contributors to the closet or those who have been our volunteers there is no worry it is going away," Cox said.

Cox said Susan Rodgers at Fullness of Joy Church will take over The Closet.

Cox said she is proud of how much the center has grown over the years and is excited to see The Closet continue.

She said the center was a vision she had several years ago and is pleased to see how many people it has benefited over the years.

"This vision came to me and I discussed it with a good friend and she said I kind of see what you are thinking but you need to make it more concise so I worked on it and visited with her back and forth," Cox said. "I went to a variety of women in the community, some of whom I knew and some of whom I didn't, but I knew they had certain gifts that I knew I wanted and I wanted a diverse board."

Cox told Region 8 News she is at peace with her decision to retire and can look back on the experiences with the center and know she accomplished what she set out to do.

"We have had wonderful experiences together, we have offered wonderful experiences to the women in the community and we have made a difference," Cox said. "That is what we set out to do. We feel nothing but joy and happiness about what we have been able to accomplish in these 10 years. We know we have made a difference in this community."

The center will be hosting one final event, which is a celebration of the center and its accomplishments.

The event will be held on Thursday, Aug. 18, from 4 to 6.

Cox said anyone in the community is invited to celebrate with them and she would love to get the chance to thank everyone for their help and support over the years.

"We just thank everyone in the community for everything they ever did to help be what we were," Cox said.

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