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Jonesboro, AR--Tiffany Blankenship Reports

Biblical Studies Enhancing Education

April 28, 2005--Posted at 5:00 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO-- The latest Gallup poll puts faith in the Bible as an educational tool.

Educators say that children who study the book from a young age have a significant educational advantage. "Walk on water, good Samaritan, the last shall be first." Those are some of the expressions taken from the bible that are used nearly everyday at Ridgefield Christian School.

Expressions that most English teachers believe are the foundation for educational studies.

Ridgefield Christian School Assistant Administrator Beth Austin says, "It has some very challenging concepts for people to understand at first, second, even sixth grade. Adults have trouble understanding some of the concepts."

Even students show favoritism toward a Gallup poll that shows 98 percent of english teachers believe understanding the Bible gives students an educational advantage.

"The Bible is so historically and scientifically sound that it helps you in those subject areas as well as like we have to memorize a lot of versus so it really sharpens your memory," a student says.

Biblical concepts learned at a young age are often reintroduced in English Literature.

English Teacher Joann Steed says, "Shakespeare, Milton, all your great english writers very well versed in the Bible. Their works are permiated with biblical illusions, and to really understand those works kids really have to know or have a little base in the Bible."

But Mrs. Steed says that literature isn't the only subject that is influenced by the Bible.

"All the great artwork, most of it's inspired by the bible. Music, there's not an area in the western world that has not been influenced by the Bible," Steed says.

Educators say that the teachings of the Bible should not be confused with religion.

It's the biblical stories, concepts and characters that can be used as a tool for learning.

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