Getting you answers regarding Big 12 expansion and A-State

Getting answers on Big12 expansion and A-State

A-State kicks off the season in 17 days. Coming off a Sun Belt title, as always the expectations are high and the level of excitement is there to match it.

Recent news this week regarding Big 12 expansion has Red Wolves fans thinking there's a chance their program can grow to another level.

CBS sports recently reported A-State is one of 18 schools up for consideration. ESPN and other outlets have also started covering the possible expansion, but no one can confirm who all the players are. Most of the news has been speculation, in fact there the Big 12 has never said whether they are expanding to 12 teams or 14.

Region 8 sports reached out to A-State athletics and at this time they can not comment. In addition, they told Region 8 they have no press release available regarding this story and none has been written.

An interview with Athletic Director Terry Mohajir has been requested and that is something that is in the works. As soon as we have answers we will get them for you.

Region 8 sports also reached out to the Big 12 Conference and as of this moment, have not received a response.