City works to fix drainage issues in subdivision

City works to take over subdivision to fix drainage issues
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LAKE CITY, AR (KAIT) - The City of Lake City is taking over a subdivision to improve drainage issues.

Residents in the Riverpark Subdivision say there have been major drainage issues on the streets of Jackson and Skylark for years.

"Basically, the water is standing on our road," said Lonnie Wright. "When it was built it wasn't built to specs at that time and now every time we have a rain the road is completely water covered."

Many neighbors told Region 8 News even a little bit of rain will collect in the streets and flow into some yards.

Wright said although the water only collects in the street and has not damaged homes, it is still an annoyance for homeowners who drive through the water constantly.

"It is not that bad of an issue because it is asphalted but it does hold water all the time," Wright said.

Wright told Region 8 News the drainage issues have been in the neighborhood since the developer built the subdivision.

"She came in and built the houses and I have no problem with the houses, I love my house and they did a good job building, but there were a certain number of issues," Wright said. "For example the gravel road back here was supposed to be asphalted so the school bus could make a circle and now they just have to go to it and turn around."

Wright said the homes are great, but the little things surrounding the homes, including the roads, were neglected.

"There are some things that she let go and, like I said, I don't think she did the road to specs like she should have, so yes I think giving it back to the city and letting them take control of it is a good step," Wright said.

Since there were so many complaints and the developers never fixed the problems, the city recently voted on a first reading to include Jackson St. and Skylark St. in the Lake City jurisdiction.

The first reading passed unanimously.

"I am glad that our Mayor John Milligan is proactive on it and is trying to get something done," Wright said. "I think that is good. I just hope we can get all our heads together and do it right and make it look good for us."

Lake City Mayor John Milligan told the council the estimate for drainage repairs is $23,585.

Wright said there have been several suggestions about how to fix the water issues, including new ditches.

Wright told Region 8 News he does not like the ditch idea because it will take up some of the yard space and he does not think it will ultimately solve the problem.

"There has been some talk about someone coming in and putting ditches across our front yard and digging up our driveways and putting culverts in," he explained. "I am not a big fan of that and the reason is this is real sandy ground and it has a tendency to wash up and fill in and then that just defeats the purpose."

Wright told Region 8 News he would rather see culverts that would make the water drain and not soak into the ground.

This first reading of the ordinance to bring the streets into the city limits is the first step in fixing the drainage issues.

A second reading will take place along with discussions about how to fix the problem.

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