Highland family recruits church to help flood victims

Church Helping Louisiana Flood Victims
(Source: Bryan McMorris)
(Source: Bryan McMorris)
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

HIGHLAND, AR (KAIT) - A Region 8 family prepares to head back home to Louisiana after flood waters destroy their relatives' homes.

Bryan and Donna McMorris of Highland grew up in Livingston Parish, just east of Baton Rouge.

They said watching the waters rise was tough to see.

"You just feel like you're up here and you can't do a thing," Donna McMorris said. "You have a mother sitting on the overpass, a grandmother you don't know where she is."

Since the flooding began, they have been hanging on to news reports, scrolling through social media, and checking every picture from that area.

Just two weeks before the flood, they were back home with their daughter and new grandchild.

Bryan McMorris said he struggles every day with leaving for home.

"It's heartbreaking when you cut to the chase and you look at the reality of what's happening there," Bryan said. "It sounds crazy; mother is on the side of the interstate."

The McMorris family will get their chance to head home and help not only their family but others in the area.

McMorris is the associate missions pastor at Friendship Baptist Church in Highland.

On Saturday, he went to Pastor Mike Stanley to discuss what they could do to help the flood victims.

They decided to start collecting items to send to Louisiana.

Stanley said the church has been looking to pay it forward after many people helped them during a December storm.

He said they have already received several calls and donations from people all over the state.

"This is what people in this part of the world do," Stanley said. "We've got our issues, we've got our struggles, it's not the wealthiest part of the world, we understand that. But I've never been anywhere, and I've traveled a lot, that people have a bigger heart than they do in Region 8 and Arkansas."

Bryan leaves Thursday to take the first round of donations to the victims.

Stanley said this first group will go and assess what the greatest need is.

He said by next week they hope to use this information to tailor what they will do to help.

Stanley said they plan to make multiple trips south until their help is not needed anymore.

If you would like to make a donation to Friendship Baptist Church's project, Stanley said you can drop off a check made out to the church but designated for flood relief.

He explained they have a designated account for this project and any donated money will be used to help the victims.

The McMorris family said they are amazed to see so much support from the church and community to help people like Bryan's mother who are dealing with the destruction.

"She's been dealing with the emotional and the reality of it right now of alright it's time to regroup, rebuild and press on," Bryan said. "That's what we're looking at when we go down."

If you are interesting in making a donation check out this Facebook post from the church:

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