Jonesboro officer recovering from crash

Look inside cruiser crash

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Jonesboro police officer is recovering after flipping his patrol car while transporting a prisoner.

Officer Thompson was transporting Logan Younger to jail after he was arrested Younger for public intoxication.

During the transport, Younger slipped his cuffs and started beating on the back of Thompson's seat.

"He was misbehaving in the back seat and as the officer transported him to the jail the officer lost control somehow and ended up look like he hit a curb and flipped the vehicle," Jonesboro Police Sergeant Cassie Brandon said.

Thompson started to speed to the jail where deputies could help control the suspect, but the car never made it.

"He flipped on his blue lights and he sped up," witness Rocky Key said.

Thompson hit a curb and flipped the car into a ditch.

"Next thing I know I see dust everywhere and the car flipped," Key said.

The officer was trapped in the car while the suspect took off running after being thrown through the back window.

Sergeant Cassie Brandon with the Jonesboro Police Department said when a suspect slips his cuffs like Younger it can be very dangerous.

"It can be worrisome for an officer when they are confronted with something like that," Brandon said.

Brandon said an unruly passenger in the backseat can also be a major distraction and cause accidents.

"Sometime prisoners can cause distractions. We try to mitigate that by keeping them in their handcuffs but unfortunately, you will see on the video this guy slipped his handcuffs and that was giving him some mobility prisoners don't usually have in the back seat," Brandon said.

According to Jonesboro Police policy, officers must cuff suspects behind their back, but never to the car.

Officers are also supposed to cuff the handcuffs tight enough so a suspect cannot slip them, but not tight enough to injure the suspect.

Witnesses to the crash helped the injured officer until responders arrived while some cornered Younger as he tried to escape.

"I took off running after him and he was still a little dazed and not running straight," Key said.

Key said he and another witness cornered Younger so he did not get away.

"If we wouldn't have run after him the first time he would have gone around the building because that was where he was going. If he would have took off around the building he would have been gone because there aint nothing back there," Key said.

Key said Younger continued to act unruly during the escape.

"He was cussing us and all that saying he didn't hurt nobody, I didn't do nothing, I know my rights," Key said.

Younger even took off a second time after being cornered.

"I motioned over to the police saying he was over here and that is when he darts off and that's when I started hollering he is over here he is over here," Key said.

Police finally took Younger into custody after they tased him.

Brandon said the department is appreciative of the help from all witnesses Thursday.

"We don't want citizens to put themselves in harm's way because that is what we are there for but we do appreciate people that were concerned enough to help," Brandon said.

Several people made sure to check on Officer Thompson until help arrived.

"He said he had a minor concussion but not broken bones or anything serious like that so he is incredibly lucky," Brandon said.

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