Watching the big race with the family of Kyle Clemons

Watching the Olympics with Kyle Clemons family

Olympic dreams come true for Jonesboro's very own Kyle Clemons.

He ran the third leg of the men's 4x400 meter relay.

Clemons did his job, team USA earned a spot into tomorrow's final.

The Region 8 sports team watched the race with Kyle's family. They couldn't be with him in Rio but they were certainly with him every step of the way. I know Kyle could hear their cheers.

"Did he just say men's 4x400 meter relay, oh my gosh," Kyl'es mom Valarie Hilson said while keeping an eye on the TV and waiting for the race to start.

"There's the gun for the opening heat," the TV announcers let us all know it's go time.

It didn't take long for the chants from Kyle's family to get loud.

"Come on Kyle. Come on Kyle you've got to get out," yelled out several of Kyle's family members.

"Nice moves through the zone not creating separation," the TV announcers letting us know the race is heating up.

Come on drive, drive, drive," Kyle's mom now becomes more vocal.

"Come on, he has it," Kyle's brother Nick Hilson starts to get vocal too.

"I'm relaxed," Valarie yells out as she's on the edge of her seat, eyes glued to the TV.

"Kyle's not letting up, Kyle's not letting up Kyle has it," Nick yells letting everyone know Kyle did his job.

After the race, Kyle's mom still smiling and filled with emotion, as a proud mom should be.

"I'm beyond the moon right now and so proud of him and his accomplishments."

"Good job, good job Kyle, yeah (clapping.)"

"I actually talked to him today, he face-timed me today from Rio and I could tell he was nervous and I was like son are you nervous and he was like oh I'm just ready to run."

"He was really nervous, he was like speedwalking around and saying how he was ready to run and everything and he just had to relax and he did what he was supposed to do today," Nick added.

So what was it like for Valarie as she watched the race?

"I was just like hold it babe, hold it but the United States they did awesome and the key goal here today was was to qualify and they did that and everyone did their job."

In Nick's eyes, big brother has already won Gold.

"He did a ten today, that was a perfect performance from him."

As you'd expect, it's hard for a mom to watch, naturally they want their child to be successful. Valarie was nervous but there's another race tomorrow. Kyle's family is ready to go.

"It was difficult to breathe today and I felt like I was holding my breath the entire time so I don't know they might have to sedate me (laughter) if this happens tomorrow but we will be prepared for it and we will keep him prayed up and wish him and just send well wishes his way to Rio," Valarie said.