Heavy Rains Keeping Business Away

April 29, 2005--Posted 6:00 pm CDT

Jonesboro, AR--Flooding is a problem for many Region 8 communities but business owners onGee Street in Jonesboro, AR are speaking out about flooding on their street.  Owners of several businesses talked to K8 News about the problem, and say they understand nothing may be able to be done about the problem.  Their hopes, however, is for public officials to take notice of the problem.


Gee Street is located on the West side of Jonesboro.  Several businesses share the street with larger companies down the road.  At lunch time Gee street becomes especially busy.  Business owners say they love the lunch time rush on clear days, but when it rains the rush rushes on by.


During normal rainfall on the street business owners say huge puddles become a concern.  After heavy rains, the puddles join together and can sometimes cover the entire road.  After a sustained heavy rain business owners say their businesses become flooded…something that obviously angers many of the business owners.


“We’ve had water come in here twice.” Milky Way Drive-In owner Dewey Montgomery says.  “It doesn’t do it often but it has happened.”  John Simpkins agrees.  “The water sometimes gets into our garage area.” He said.  Simpkins manages S&S Glass Service.  He says his main priority is keeping customers items in perfect shape, something that is difficult when it floods.